Furnace Repair & Service In Broomfield, Westminster & Thornton CO


Trinity is here to help you with all your Heating Repair needs.

We Repair, and Service all brands of Furnaces, Air Conditioners and Gas Fireplaces.

When you call Trinity for a furnace repair in Westminster and Broomfield, you're calling the Pros!

Having your furnace inspected yearly is more than just something good to do, it's the only way to be sure you and your family are going to be safe this winter when you use your furnace and fireplace to heat your home.

We test for gas leaks and we check to see if Carbon Monoxide is present in your home. We also check for cleanliness as good air-flow is needed to properly and efficiently use your furnace to heat your home. Checking the safeties on your furnace is another important thing to do. Today's furnaces have many safeties to protect you and your family as long as they are working properly.

You should also have you and your family protected with proper Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Ask us about Low Level CO Detectors. Help save a life by having a CO Detector installed this winter!

When you call Trinity's Heat and Air division, you can relax knowing that your furnace was repaired and serviced thoroughly, to keep you safe and to keep you warm in the Colorado cold winters.

Whether you need a Furnace Repair, or a Furnace Service, you can rest assured that our Furnace Repair Technicians are Highly Trained and Certified to meet all your heating repair needs.

We also offer emergency service for those times that are most inconvenient to get a Furnace repair in Westminster, Broomfield or Thornton.

Every dollar counts! That's why it is important to get your Furnace Serviced yearly. When your Furnace is working more efficiently, it not only keeps you more comfortable, but it also keeps more money in your pocket!