Air Conditioning Repair Westminster, Broomfield & Thornton

Trinity is here to help you with all your Cooling needs. Simply put, we keep you cool in the Summertime, while saving you money!

If your AC is running inefficiently, it costs more to cool your home. Keeping your Air Conditioner running at its peak performance is our specialty!

Our AC Repair technicians are highly trained, knowledgeable, and ready to help you get your Air Conditioning System working at its best, which helps you to put more money in your pocket!

We service air conditioners in all of North Denver; Broomfield, Westminster and Thornton Colorado.

When To Repair Your Air Conditioner

Call If your Air Conditioner is Leaking Water.

Does you air conditioner freeze up while you are using it?

If your Air Conditioner is noisy, this could be a sign of a problem.

Service is needed if your Air Conditioning doesn't cool as well as it use to.

AC Repair is needed if the thermostat doesn't keep the correct temperature.

The manufacturer recommends to servicing your Air Conditioner yearly.

Call Trinity for all your Air Conditioning Service and Repair needs in Broomfield, Westminster & Thornton!

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

There are lots of thing to be checked in an air conditioning service. Below is a list of things we do when you call us out to check your air conditioner. If you find yourself in need of a repair call us we have have fast and friendly service ready to meet all your cooling needs!

  • We check the condenser coil for cleanliness and damage.
  • We check the a-coil as it can clog with dust and dirt.
  • The contactor coil gets checked to be sure it's not shorting out.
  • The compressor amps get check to be sure it's running properly.
  • We check the blower assembly to be sure it's clean.
  • The line-set insulation gets checked for tearing and deterioration.
  • We check wiring to make sure they are not shorting and burning.
  • Check the refrigerant to be sure it is charged properly.

We go through your entire Air Conditioning System to check for weak and problematic areas and we then make recommendations to help keep you cooling Comfortably and Efficiently!